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I hope that my web site will be helpful to you with the few informations I collected during my genealogical researches.

I would particularly like to thank:

Mr René Wendling. Without him I would be unable to trace back my ancestors because, as most of the archives were destroyed during the successive wars which destroyed Alsace and particularly Drusenheim, the researches are difficult. I thank him to make his contribution to my alsatian historical culture especially with his book "Chronicles of Baldenheim".

Mr and Mrs Heeren who helped me in my researches in Wilhemlshaven.

Mr Wolfgang Ostertag and all the Ostertag/Easterday.

Mrs Monica Young for a precious help in the german translations.

The American Association Ostertag/Easterday

The German Association Ostertag

And all the cousins who made the researches in the Alsatian archives

Mr Pierre Perny for his book: "Drusenheim: Deux destins, le Rhin et les Guerres" from which I extracted some pages.

Mr Bernd Siebert author of 'Damals in Altheppens 'from which I extracted the photos of Rüstringen.

I all translated french to english and vice versa so I ask you to be indulgent if you find some mistakes.